Depoimento: Julio Augusto Santos

Depoimento: Julio Augusto Santos

Trabalho com peças muito frágeis e apos 5 anos utilizando os serviços de transporte da Expresso Vera Cruz posso afirmar que é uma empresa seria.

Coloco minhas peças nas mãos deles sem preocupação, minhas peças sempre chegam ao seu destino em perfeitas condições.

Depoimento: Silvana Pereira

Nossas encomendas sempre chegam em perfeitas condições. Nunca tivemos um só inconveniente com o serviço deles.

A Expresso Vera Cruz tem um ótimo atendimento!

Depoimento: Andre Taveira

Usamos os serviços da Expresso Vera Cruz a mais de 20 anos para enviar as encomendas dos nossos cliente.

Recomendamos o serviço deles.

Collaborate? Sure, Except I Don’t Trust You

According to an GP-RjP poll conducted last month, only one-third of Americans say most people can be trusted. That’s down from half who felt that way in 1972, when the general social survey first asked the question. Almost two-thirds of the poll respondents said “you can’t be too careful” in dealing with people.

Use Modeling Technology to Design and Test Omni Channel Strategy

Redesigning overall retail strategy through the eyes of the consumer with a seamless shopping experience at the core, necessitates an ‘outside-in’ supply chain perspective and often big adjustments to supply chain operations. Retailers are turning to supply chain modeling as a way to effectively design and test omni-channel fulfillment strategies prior to execution.

Tp 10 Challenges You Ned To Master For International Shipping

For many global companies, conducting seamless business overseas is critical to the vitality of partnerships, clientele, and sustained profitability. Oftentimes, many people within a company are dependent on the attainment of a global shipment, so avoiding delays or mishaps is imperative to ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted operation, which radiates performance excellence.

This Week in Logistics News

The ocean shipping industry has traditionally used EDI for shipment tendering, booking and milestone tracking. A new solution has emerged that leverages near real time vessel tracking data to improve shipment planning and tracking …

Cutting Edge Control Towers

My main current research focus is supply chain control towers. ARC’s 20th Annual Industry Forum took place last week in Orlando and a panel I moderated was focused on this topic. But the topic was discussed in other tracks, and in informal off the record discussions as well.

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